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SEO Marketing - What Is It?

SEO Marketing is the art of optimizing a website, in order to obtain top rankings for keywords relevant to the site's theme. SEO marketing is the most effective way to drive free traffic to a website.

SEO - How Does It Help?

Imagine that you own a site selling bookings on Caribbean cruises. What would it mean to your business if your site was ranked number one on Google for that phrase? Every time someone, anywhere in the world, typed in "Caribbean cruise," your site would appear number one in the listings - and yours is the site they would visit. You would have to expand your business to handle all the calls coming in!

Search engine optimization is the art of making that happen, positioning a site to rank highly for the keyword phrases most important to a website. At Gold Standard SEO, we search databases to determine all the words and phrases related to your site's theme, and integrate them into your site. Once this is accomplished, we then head out and build your site's popularity through various methods including quality backlinks, to power your site up to the top of the search engine rankings. Our immediate goal is to get your site into the top ten for as many keywords as possible, and then continue to push up through the top 10.

Local Listings - Where Do They Fit Into the Puzzle?

As search engines evolve, "local search" has become crucial for those businesses that target a specific geographic area. For instance, a dentist in Los Angeles really isn't interested in gaining high rankings for "New York dentist" because the dentist cannot provide services to these individuals. The search engines are now tailored to return local search results tailored to the area where the person doing the search is located. Our strategies tailored to maximize rankings in the local listings ("Google Local," "Google Maps" and "Google Places"), will provide new customers and a big boost to your bottom line.

We're setting the standard for SEO Marketing and Local SEO.

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