The ultimate PBN link building service!

Join the thousands of satisfied clients who count on us for their SEO link building – and high rankings!

Many of our regular PBN clients with difficult-to-rank sites have asked if there’s anything we can do to give them that final “push” in the SERPs.

After months of work (and thousands of dollars invested), we finally can say “YES!”

Our brand new PLATINUM NETWORK is now up and running, with a very small number of slots available. We’ll be adding domains to it, of course, but only as demand warrants. And these domains take time to acquire.

Here’s what’s so special about the PLATINUM NETWORK.

  • All domains on the network have been purchased at auction, for premium rates. NO dropped domains whatsoever.
  • All domains have AT LEAST 50 quality referring domains. Most of our Platinum network domains have well over 100 RDs, and some have as many as 500-700.
  • Metrics are based on high-quality referers including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many .edu sites.
  • DA metrics on all Platinum network domains are between 20 and 40. TF averages 20+.
  • All domains on the network are aged. A few were registered in the early 2010s, most were registered in the 2000s, and a few were registered in the 1990s. About half of the registrations date back to 2005 or before.

What do some of them look like? Here’s a representative sample.

Our other networks are powerful. The PLATINUM NETWORK is supercharged.

Like our other networks, all links are homepage links and will never roll off to an inside page. Content is hand-written and unique, and maximum OBL is 30.

We linked one of our own sites before launch, to test the network.

It’s a high-value keyword that generates lots of sales, and here‘s what we saw:

And here’s what one of our regular client saw we placed his links for a site in an extremely competitive niche.

As you can probably guess, we were tempted to link more of our sites. But there aren’t many slots available.
So we’re offering them to our clients who appreciate quality and power.

We are only offering packages of 10 and 20 posts – and we will only place a maximum of 20 posts per money site.

If you have more than one money site, though, you can order additional packages until we’re full.

The sites are beautiful and the content is hand-written and unique, with varied lengths of 250-400 words to minimize footprints.

All sites are on unique class-A premium hosts and there’s full protection against crawlers, as you’ve come to expect from us.

We believe this is the highest quality PBN on the market at these prices.
After all, clean, aged domains with huge DA and RD from 50-700 aren’t easy to come by.


10 posts – $200 one-time fee.

20 posts – $380 one-time fee.

Everyone selling anything always says this, but we’re not kidding:
this network will fill up really fast.